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8 Tips for Buying a Yamaha Upright Piano

By June 5, 2017February 11th, 2020Upright Pianos

tips for buying a yamaha upright pianoThe Yamaha company began in 1887, in Japan. They began producing reed organs in 1899 and pianos in 1900. Soon thereafter, the Yamaha family began diversifying into the production of many other consumer products. These include furniture, audio equipment, guitars, motorcycles, band instruments, boats, motors, and resorts throughout Japan. Today, Yamaha is a highly diversified company. Some feel they are so diversified that their focus is on shareholder ROI instead of the quality of their products.

In short, globalization has had many effects on all industries including the piano industry. For example, the manufacturing of today’s Yamaha pianos takes place in many different countries. Even the “Made in Japan” models are built with piano components from other countries like Indonesia, China, and others.

Many pianists advise on buying a Yamaha upright piano originally built in the 1970 and 1980 (the “sweet years”) before globalization took effect. Yamaha pianos built in the 1970s and 1980s (the “sweet years”) were engineered in Japan. Therefor many pianists advise on buying a Yamaha upright piano that is from in the “sweet years”. All components were made in Japan. And, all assembly took place in Japan under very tight quality conditions.

Consider a Japan Factory Re-Serviced Piano

To heighten your investment value, if available, purchase a Japan factory re-serviced piano. These pianos play and sound like a brand new one. Most importantly, many of these pianos include a factory warranty of the original length.

Purchase the Right Piano for Your Future Education Level

Buy the size not only right for you now but for several years of piano education into the future. Purchase the piano, if possible, which will take the player from beginning to professional without having to replace the piano along the music learning journey. As a result, your piano talent will benefit greatly from this.

Also, an adjustable bench allows proper height of one’s body to the piano. Select one when you are buying a Yamaha upright piano.

Purchase a Yamaha Piano from a Trusted Source

Purchase a Yamaha piano from a source that gives you recourse, markets quality instruments, has an outstanding reputation in the community and has represented only pianos for many years. A warranty on the piano to protect your investment adds assurance to your purchase.

Don’t allow “seasoned for destination” to steer you in the wrong direction. Piano industry experts know this claim is completely false. You will most likely hear this inaccurate information from a company that is responsible for the sale of NEW Yamaha pianos. Realize you will only hear this exclusively in the United States where used, “like new” Yamaha pianos are plentiful.

If you’re in the market for a piano, call the experts at England Piano. We’ve been serving the Atlanta area for over 40 years. Call us today at (770) 451-1725 or you may contact us for more information.

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