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12 Considerations Before You Buy a Used Piano

By June 23, 2017September 5th, 2020Used Pianos

Are you considering the purchase of a new or used piano? There are many great used pianos on the market today, but there are several things a person should consider before deciding to buy a used piano.

Determine the true purpose of your purchase

Do you have plans to become a concert pianist, to play the piano for your church, or something in between? Determine the true purpose of your purchase and stay focused only on qualities that fulfill that purpose.

Decide on a budget for Your Used Piano

Next, decide on a budget. One can spend any dollar amount on the purchase of a piano. It is the quality of the piano which makes one piano cost more than others. Don’t economize too much. A quality musical experience requires a quality instrument even more so for a beginner student.

Be sure to have the Piano Thoroughly Inspected by a Qualified Technician

An overlooked piano problem can mean the piano is worthless.  So, make sure you have a qualified technician inspect the piano.

Understand the Warranty of the Used Piano

Make certain you understand the warranty of the used piano.  Find out what assurances are given to you about the piano?

A Good Used Piano Will Not Depreciate Just After Your Purchase

When you buy a used piano, it should maintain its value just after the purchase. Knowing what options are available to your used piano purchase is crucial. Therefore, find out what will happen should your purchase not turn out the way you expected.

A Matching Bench for a Used Piano is Hard to Find

A matching bench adds much to a piano in functionality as well as beauty. Finding a matching bench for a used piano is almost impossible. Having to purchase a bench adds much more cost than one would ever think.

Understand the Total Cost of the Piano

Know the total cost of the used piano once in your home and in good working condition. Understanding the total cost of any used piano is not only what you pay for the piano, but also the moving cost, refurbishing and servicing cost, plus what it may be worth after a few years.

Buy a Used Piano from an Established Company

It’s always a good idea to make your selection and purchase from a company with a good reputation that has been in business for many years.

Buying from an Individual vs Company

Pianos are no cheaper from an individual than a piano company if you consider the terms and conditions. Always compare apples to apples when considering a used piano purchase.

How Long Do You Plan on Keeping the Piano?

The longer you wish a piano to fulfill your needs will require that you purchase a better quality piano in the beginning. Otherwise, you will be in the market to acquire another piano too soon.

Explore the Latest Digital Pianos

Explore the latest model digital pianos which have improved greatly in touch and tone. This choice will reduce your maintenance cost a lot.

Piano Moving is an Art

Piano moving is an art. Don’t hire movers, but hire professional piano movers to move your piano. You and your piano will be glad you made this wise decision.

Consider England Piano for Your Next Purchase

Before you buy a used piano, contact the experts at England Piano to get all of your questions answered from a company that’s been around for more than 40 years. We always have many used pianos in stock that have been fully inspected for fatal flaws, evaluated for potential, and completely serviced to bring the piano to its highest potential quality. Call us today at (770) 451-1725 or contact us online.

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