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Which piano is best for beginners

Today there are many various options as to the selection of a piano for a beginning student. When one begins piano, they will likely go to their piano teacher once each week for their lesson. The other days of the week the student should practice to acquire the proper piano playing skills. When one is learning, we should ensure the least amount of obstacles is in their way.

The Best Piano Avoids Discouragement

After practicing their lesson all week and returning to the teacher to review, if the piano practiced on plays or sounds different than the teachers piano, this will in itself cause the student problems when performing. Thus, if the music assignment continues for another week, this becomes a negative in the mind of the student. It sends a discouraging message.

People who begin piano often doubt their abilities, and so try to figure out the very minimum piano practice they can perform without drawing attention. Habits begin to form from day one. These can be good or bad habits. If the piano is not adequate, then bad habits are the result. If the person continues with piano, they will have a difficult or impossible task of unlearning those bad habits. Experience shows that bad technical habits will never be overcome later on in the learning process.

One can see that the beginner student needs a piano that has proper tone, precise touch, and is in excellent operating order. If so, this will allow the student to improve their piano playing skills quickly and without discouragement upon reviewing their weekly practice on the teachers’ piano.

Choosing the Best Piano

The skill level of the piano must always be more advanced than the skill of the pianist. If not, one will begin to dislike playing the piano as much, then to practice and play less, which leads to discouragement, then possibly quitting their piano instruction.

Here are some of the various ways to acquire a good piano for the beginning:

  1. No one who plays the piano, especially teachers, will ever advise anyone to purchase a cheap keyboard. In addition, the value just after purchase will be zero even at the yard sale.
  2. Buy an acoustic, used piano from a reputable source that evaluated the piano for fatal flaws. Ensure it was serviced well to return the piano to its best possible condition.
  3. Lease a piano through the Peace of Mind Program. This allows one to choose any new piano and have 12 months usage of it while they test their abilities. All monies apply to purchase.
  4. Buy a quality digital or hybrid piano. These are instruments made by piano manufacturers who have built acoustic pianos for decades and understand the nuisances of an acoustic piano. These pianos have true acoustic touch and tone performance.
  5. 100% upgrade options. If you choose one of the above methods to acquire a piano from England Piano, we will offer you 100% of what you paid toward upgrading your piano.

Visit us or contact us at 770-451-1725. Our staff at England Piano will be glad to discuss all options in more detail and help with the right piano selection.

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