Why Consider Adding a Player Piano System to a Piano?

By September 19, 2017Player Pianos

Are you considering adding a player piano system to your piano? Discover the benefits:

  • 100% of the time a piano adds great beauty to any room. For those of us who play the piano, it is estimated we play the piano 2% of our waking hours. Thus, what can we do to heighten our enjoyment with the piano the other 98% of the time, especially for those in the home that do not play the piano? You guessed it…incorporate a player piano system!
  • A modern up-to-date player piano system installed on a piano adds increased enjoyment for everyone.
  • Hear the greatest pianists and artists of all time play right on your piano in your home.
  • Hear the most popular songs of all time as well as the very latest of new music played on your piano.
  • Rid yourself of your alarm clock noise each morning by allowing the piano to wake you up to your selection of music.
  • Invite your friends over and allow the player piano to be the background entertainment to your conversation.
  • Create your own personal playlists so you can simply sit back and enjoy all of your favorite songs without spending any of your time having to select the next song the piano will play for you.
  • View the player piano keys’ patterns to learn how to improve your own piano playing.
  • Watch the original artist music videos on your device or large screen television while the artist’s original compositions are being played on the piano along with the orchestra.
  • There is no electronic music, CD or otherwise, that comes close to the quality of music played from “Mother Nature” instruments such as a piano.

England Piano is nationally known for its player piano specialty. Many of us here at England Piano have been involved in the player piano industry even prior to today’s electronic player piano systems beginning in the 1980s.

England Piano represents all of the player piano technologies and can demonstrate each of them to you to help make your selection easy. Contact us now to set up your personal player piano system demonstration appointment.

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