Diapason Piano

Model: 185 Polished Ebony
Size: 6'1"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
Price: $6,995
Price: $6,995
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SKU: 15041

Used Kawai Diapason 185 Grand Piano

Diapason pianos are made in Hamamatsu Japan by Kawai. This piano has been designed and made to a very high build quality, the playing action is by Kawai, and is one of the finest piano actions made. The piano has a wonderful tone, more European than Asian, with a very deep and resonant bass that progresses through to a bright and singing treble. The tone can be attributed to the quality of master crafted soundboard. The Diapason action is immediate and responsive, very accurate, it allows the pianist to play to the softest of volumes and then to the loudest with ease of control. This is a professional standard piano that will suit the most discerning of pianists.