Pearl River Piano

Model: GP160
Size: 5'3"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
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SKU: 113690

New Pearl River GP160 5’3″ Grand Piano

The Pearl River 5’3″ GP160 Classic Grand was created by our European and American piano-design consultants and features duplex scaling, which tunes the secondary part of strings producing a sympathetic harmonic that enriches the tone, particularly in the treble section. Quality hornbeam and beech woods are used throughout the expertly designed horizontally oriented grand piano action. This provides for the large range of expression expected in grand pianos. 

Since 1956, Pearl River has been committed to perfecting the design and production of fine pianos, Pearl River is the largest piano manufacturer in the world. By combining the art of European craftsmanship with quality components and the latest technological advances in instrument production, the pianos that bear their name are not only critically acclaimed but also deliver unprecedented value. The goal Pearl River has been and will continue to be, to exceed our customer’s expectations by building the best pianos in the world.

Pearl River manufacturers pianos for Steinway & Sons and Yamaha. It is the only company to ever have long term manufacturing relationships with both Steinway & Sons and Yamaha.

Available in polished ebony, polished white, polished mahogany, satin ebony, polished sapele mahogany, polished artisan walnut and polished ebony with silver plate and hardware, and polished white with silver plate and hardware and polished red with silver plate and hardware finishes.