Falcone Piano

Model: GF72 Satin Mahogany
Price: $5,990
Condition: Used
Size: 5'8"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
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SKU: 15029

Used Falcone GF72 Grand Piano

The Falcone Grand Piano, a custom piano originally designed by Santi Falcone who was born in Sicily and originally had his inspiration during his time as a student at Saint Cecilia Conservatory in Rome where he learned to tune pianos. Falcone began his creation after many years of research and development. Along with his work with the Boston Conservatory of Music and the New England Piano & Organ Company his masterpiece became a reality.

In 1982 the Falcone grand piano was introduced and would become the premiere piano of that decade. These wonderful custom manufactured pianos made in Massachusetts took the world by storm turning out some of the most acclaimed pianos during this time. It is still recognized today as one of the best pianos.