Steinway Grand Piano

Model: M Satin Ebony
Size: 5'7"
Price: $28,900
Price: $28,900
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SKU: 13712

1923 Steinway Grand Piano Model M 5’7″ Satin Ebony

Serial number 219104. The “Steinway Golden Years” in 1923 saw the initial construction of this vintage Model M. The handcrafted design concept of Steinway’s pianos is that they are built to be rebuilt. The idea that their instrument can survive forever is perfectly illustrated by this situation. This model M piano is equipped to provide years of superb piano playing and enjoyment.

Because it has been painstakingly repaired using only genuine Steinway parts, it has the sound and feel of a Steinway. New strings, tuning pins, pinblock, damper felts, Steinway hammers, shanks, flanges, repeats, and key coverings are all part of the comprehensive restoration.

It still maintains the tone that made Steinway famous while playing like new. The piano’s fundamental structure doesn’t change. The soundboards of new Steinways mature for 10–20 years. This instrument’s warm, subtle soundboard from the original construction is ideal for use in the house or studio.

Re-bronzing and re-blacking of all logos have been done on the Springfield, Ohio cast plate. Every piece of traditional chrome and brass hardware has been freshly polished and shined. Beautiful silky ebony makes up the casing. Its Model M is the ideal fusion of modern performance and vintage Steinway.