Remington Piano with PianoDisc Player System

Model: RG150PDCD Polished Ebony
Price: $8,990
Condition: Used
Size: 5'0"
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SKU: 14443

Used Remington Grand Player Grand Piano

This Pre-owned Remington Piano was manufactured by the Pramberger Piano Company which is owned by the Samick Music Corporation, the largest piano company in the world. This Remington piano is made with the finest tone woods for soundboards and ribs as well as a traditional sand cast plate for the purest tone and strength. The Pratt-Reed Standard Action and keyboard will give a lifetime of smooth, responsive touch and tone to the owner of this instrument.

Notice the careful selection of high grade materials such as brass fittings where the competition often uses plastic and also the heavier construction of the inner and outer rims. This is, after all, a fine piano; a piano you and your family may own for generations.

This piano comes with a PianoDisc Player System installed so you can listen to this beautiful piano without ever touching the keys. This existing player system is upgradable to the latest up to date no control box visible PianoDisc Prodigy or QRS PNOmation system.