Yamaha Piano

Model: DC3FII Polished Ebony
Price: $24,900
Condition: Like New
Size: 6'1"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
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SKU: 15056

Used Yamaha DC3FII Disklavier Grand Player Piano

This is a one owner, one house, purchased new from us. This piano is a great example of being beautiful both on the inside and on the out. It has potential to serve all pianists of all training levels. And with their added player technology, this piano is a great option for those who play, or for those who don’t but enjoy listening to authentic and acoustic piano music.

No two artists are alike. Disklavier features two patented systems that work together to recreate the intangible, human variations that other reproducing pianos can’t. Our Optical Sensor System continuously measures the subtle movements of each key, hammer and pedal, while our AccuPlay Technology interprets every detail in real time and adjusts to faithfully reproduce each note.

This Yamaha grand player system is upgradable to the latest QRS PNOmation PNO3 Player Wireless System that works with most all devices including Iphone and Ipad.