Yamaha Disklavier Piano with Internet Streaming Radio

Model: DGP1 Polished Ebony
Size: 5'3"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
Price: $14,990
Price: $14,990
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SKU: 115192

Like New Yamaha Disklavier 5’3″ DGP1  Grand Piano PLUS Yamaha Disklavier Silent System with Internet Streaming Radio

Yamaha’s popular grand DGP1 5’3″ with Disklavier Player PLUS Yamaha Disklavier Silent System. Listen to your Disklavier live in person or in totally privacy thru headphones. Adjust the volume much lower than most Yamaha Disklavier Pianos. Add the optional USB port to make easier the ability to play back midi files. Operate this piano wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone and enjoy streaming radio to play your favorite genres 24/7. This piano is also upgradeable to the QRS Pianomation PNO3 Wireless Player System with a very large music library and includes a one year subscription to the QRS entire music library.

This piano bears Yamaha’s Seasoned for Destination Certification being built for the US climate providing for more tuning stability and longevity with seasonal changes, plus qualifies for technical support from Yamaha Corporation of America.

Engineered in Japan, All Materials made in Japan, Assembled in Japan, No Chinese parts in this particular piano.