Yamaha Piano

Model: DU1A Polished Ebony
Price: $12,990
Condition: Like New
Size: 48"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
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SKU: 15974

Like New Yamaha Disklavier DU1A 48″ Professional Upright Player Piano and Yamaha Silent System Piano

Now you can enjoy the features of a Mark III Disklavier in the smaller footprint of an upright. Like the successful Mark III grands that came before it, the new upright features a CD drive, SmartKey and CueTime™ software, a 16MB Extra Memory Kit. Sort your song playback by genre or make your own playlists. The piano features also the Yamaha Silent System Piano which allows privacy playing anytime of day or night and still enjoy the quality of piano touch without any change. In addition, it carries the PianoSmart technology. PianoSmart technology automatically synchronizes the playback of standard audio CDs with the MIDI files containing the piano part—whether purchased from Yamaha or recorded by yourself. This piano can also be upgraded to a USB port to make easier the ability to play back midi files. This piano is also upgradeable to the QRS PNO3 Wireless Player System that operates the piano from your PDA or tablet. Also features streaming radio that plays your piano 24/7 with all your favorites.

This piano itself is a Yamaha U1, the most popular upright piano in the world.