Yamaha Piano

Model: MPX100II Polished Ivory
Price: $6,500
Condition: Used
Size: 48"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
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SKU: 15052

Used Yamaha MPX100ii Disklavier Upright Player Piano in Polished Ivory

Enjoy listening to the world’s greatest pianists perform on your piano right in your house. Not only will you hear piano music, but many songs will have orchestration music to go along with the acoustic piano music. The piano includes a powered speaker that the orchestration music plays thru. The MPX100A also features a remarkably sophisticated recording system, one that includes hammer sensors—an innovation that is not available on most player piano systems from other companies. This Disklavier model includes fundamental features that have been included on every Disklavier since, such as tempo control, transposition, and connectivity with external MIDI devices. This piano is also a Yamaha Silent Piano. Enjoy playing or hearing this piano any time you wish in private thru headphones. Acoustically, this piano is a Yamaha Model U1 48″ professional upright piano.

This Yamaha Disklavier player system is upgradable to the latest QRS PNOmation PNO3 Player Wireless System. Control your system from your iPad, iPhone, and other devices.