Young Chang Piano with PianoDisc Player System

Model: G157 Satin Wood Finish
Size: 5'2"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
Price: $9,990
Price: $9,990
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SKU: 115117

Like New Young Chang G157 Grand Piano with PianoDisc Player System

The Young Chang G157, 5’2″ grand piano is known as one of the best piano scale designs in the industry. This piano is styled with beautifully curved legs and a curved pedal lyre, making it a premium high styled cabinet in satin wood finish. It is in like new condition with a beautiful clear warm tone.

It also features a PianoDisc Player Piano System for your enjoyment listening to the greatest pianists of all time play right on your piano right in your home. This piano also has the ability to play music from internet streaming stations 24/7 on your piano and is also upgradeable to the QRS Pianomation PNO3 Player System.

This piano was built in Korea during the time Yamaha and Young Chang was involved in a manufacturing agreement.

Young Chang is a 65+ year old piano maker who started building piano parts for Yamaha back in the 1960’s.