PianoDisc ProScan QuietTime System

Model: ProScan QuietTime
MSRP: $4,017
Price: $3,990
Price: $3,990
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New PianoDisc ProScan QuietTime System

Designed by and for musicians, the new MIDI-only system called ProScan is perfect for the professional user and generally for users looking for a system that can match and even surpass the performance of any factory fitted system in the market today. And with QuietTime, you can practice at any time. Engage QuietTime’s piano silencer with the flip of a switch, stopping the piano hammers right before they hit the strings. While your piano is silenced, the Optical Record Strip underneath the keys captures the MIDI data you create and sends it straight to a USB port. This dual-system turns your acoustic piano into a hybrid piano- giving you the best of both the acoustic and digital piano worlds.