PianoDisc Prodigy Upgrade

Model: PianoDisc Prodigy Upgrade
MSRP: $2,908
Price: $2,490
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SKU: 9747

New PianoDisc Prodigy Player System Upgrade

Prodigy is the culmination of everything PianoDisc strives for—the absolute best piano player, powered by cutting-edge technology, with a simple, streamlined experience just for you. All in an invisible package. Prodigy combines PianoDisc’s innovative SilentDrive HD technology and iQ’s High Resolution software with over 1,024 levels of expression into one box. No wires, no fuss.

Many older PianoDisc Player Systems can be upgraded to this latest Prodigy system also providing for tablet operation. By upgrading, you will no longer need the mounted box on the front of your piano, thus your piano will look completely natural. Using bluetooth or wifi technology, all will be wireless in operation. Download music directly from the internet and play instantly on your piano. Stream continuous music from the internet that plays right on your piano.