Baldwin Piano

Model: 2026 Satin Mahogany
Price: $2,990
Condition: Used
Size: 43"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
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SKU: 14881

Used Baldwin 2026 Upright Piano

The Model 2026 console piano is the workhorse of the professional grade pianos made by Baldwin. Wonderful touch and tone, balanced action and a true joy to play. Throughout the 20th Century, Baldwin was one of the most popular American-built piano makers. The company was often a close second behind Steinway in its following and artist roster. American-built Baldwins today are still sought after by serious pianists and enthusiasts. Unfortunately, new Baldwin pianos had been made for some years now in China. These pianos made in China have only one thing in common with the American built Baldwins, and that is the name on the front of the piano.