Kawai Piano

Model: US50 Polished Ebony
Size: 52"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
Price: $6,490
Price: $6,490
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SKU: 112777

Like New Kawai US50 52″ Piano

With an extraordinary synergy of tone, touch and beauty, the Kawai Pianos are sure to please every member of the family. As musical instruments, they live up to Kawai’s reputation as one of the world’s finest makers of upright pianos. Each model is equipped with an internal action featuring composite parts for exceptional stability of touch and tone. But the distinctive feature of Kawai Pianos is their attractiveness which adds style and sophistication to any home environment. With elegant lines and delicate visual appointments, they are certain to provide a pleasing cultural ambiance to the home that every member of the family will enjoy. This piano is perfect for the accomplished pianist.

This is the most affordable of the “super uprights” made by Kawai over the years…52″ full-size uprights that have extra girth, extra power, a large oversized grand piano-style music rack, and a full sized grand piano key cover. This US50 exceeds the performance of all baby grands and is an equal to a grand piano in the 6′ to 6’6″ size.

This beautiful Kawai piano is not your standard black box piano, it features:

  1. Extra large grand style music desk
  2. Grand style key cover
  3. Very responsive action
  4. Full bold deep rich sound
  5. Dynamic range from pianissimo to forte that rivals many small grands