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Kawai Piano

Model: UST8 Satin Walnut
Size: 46"
Eligible For 100% Trade In Upgrade
Price: $3,290
Price: $3,290
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SKU: 14965

Used Kawai UST8 Upright Piano

When people choose a piano for the home, the main decision criteria are usually touch, tone and stability. They want a piano that sounds good, plays well and can maintain both of these qualities consistently over time. In the institutional world, however, the parameters shift. Tone and touch still matter, of course. But when a piano will be played alot, the attributes of stability and durability matter most. An institutional piano must provide a high level of touch and tone over years of rigorous and frequent use. To accomplish this, the internal action and the external cabinet must be designed and built with one goal — to withstand the test of time. Kawai institutional upright pianos feature the same excellent tone and touch that piano buyers have come to expect from Kawai instruments for over 90 years. But the utilization of state-of-the-art composite parts in the action and the intelligent structural design of the cabinet set Kawai institutional pianos in a class of their own.