We are nationally respected for our expertise with player pianos. We have been involved since the beginning of electronic player systems in the 1980s. Let us demonstrate to you our experience and knowledge to earn your relationship.

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Enjoy performances from our YouTube community play on your piano with your piano keys moving in real time. Record your performances and upload to share with everyone as well.

Enjoy hearing your piano play, while watching the music performance or music concert on your device or TV.

We offer free live streaming internet radio stations playing your piano keys available 24 hours/7 days a week with no commercials.

We Can Add a Player System to your Piano!

While we are installing the player system, we can service your piano thoroughly to bring it up to its highest performance level.

Our music collection is unrivaled in the industry. You will enjoy thousand of songs in every genre from Jazz to Rock to the greatly treasured classical compositions by the world’s finest composers like Mozart, Bach, and Rachmaninoff!

Download direct and instantly your desired music right into your player piano. Download one song or the entire artist album to enjoy immediately. You can also subscribe to access the entire music library. During your subscription all new music will automatically download into your piano.

Play your piano when your time allows in complete silence and privacy. Select from 80 other instrument sounds or play any of those sounds along with your piano. Record yourself for instant playback.

We are Manufacturer Factory Certified Installers and Service Technicians since 1986. Factory Certifications assures proper installation thus increased performance levels and warranty. We install all player piano systems right in our own shop. You can even watch your piano being transformed!

Operate your piano from your own iPad, iPhone, laptop, Android. Create your own multiple playlists with your favorites selections. Schedule when you wish the piano to automatically begin playing. Use your player piano as your pleasant alarm clock each morning!

After installation, we offer ongoing regular service providing updates, music subscriptions, calibration, and piano service to keep the piano player system’s performance optimized. We support our clients from consultation and for years into the future.

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