Want to enjoy piano without a long term commitment?

Monthly Piano Rentals

  • Only in the area for a limited time but you miss not having a piano to enjoy?

  • Want a piano longer than a few days, but unsure just how long?

  • Desire use of a piano at the lowest monthly cost?

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Beginner Piano Rental

We understand your concerns about beginning piano. That’s why our Peace of Mind plan was created and tailored especially for your needs.

This plan was designed by a group of parents, music teachers, and our staff in the late 1970’s. This unique proven plan builds a very positive attitude needed for your piano playing success.

Enjoy the Pleasure of Playing Piano with Peace of Mind Program.

Our Peace of Mind Plan gives you all the benefits of ownership yet allows you all the flexibility of a rental.

FAQs are listed below. We’re here to help you make the decision that is best for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me How The Plan Works

The Peace of Mind plan allows you to select any new piano in our showrooms and have up to 12 full months to discover your musical talents. At that time you may keep the piano or return it to us.

Will The Money I Pay Apply Toward My Purchase?

Yes. 100% of what you pay applies toward purchase.

Have These Pianos Been Used Before?

You may choose any new piano, many digital and hybrid pianos, and select like new pianos from our selection in the style, finish, price, or size of piano that fits you best. We recommend you select the piano you would like to own for the rest of your life. You may even want to choose a grand piano.

What About Service?

Each piano is completely serviced before delivery as carefully and completely as if you purchased the piano. After delivery, we visit to retune and check the mechanics of the piano for you free of charge.

What Happens If I Decide To Keep The Piano?

You simply continue to make the same monthly payments until the piano is paid in full.

How Much Will My Monthly Cost Be?

This will depend on two factors….the piano you choose and the particular option of the program you select. Your payments can be adjusted to fit your budget.

Will I Still Be Able To Take Advantage Of A Sale or Discounted Price?

Yes. While it is true that most rental plans make their profit by charging the top or “list” price for the piano, our Peace of Mind plan is different. Unlike any other rental plan known to us, this plan applies to sale and distributor discounted pianos as well.

How Can I Find A Good Piano Teacher To Help Me Learn To Play?

We know and work with piano teachers all across the area. We will help you find the perfect teacher for your needs.

How Is Your Peace of Mind Plan Different From Other Rental Plans?

Our Peace of Mind Plan gives you all the benefits of ownership…

  • Your Choice of Piano
  • A Full 12 Months to Decide
  • All Money Applies to Purchase
  • Free Tuning after Delivery
  • Price of Piano is Fixed and will not Increase
  • Even Sale Priced Models May Be Selected

Yet the Peace of Mind Plan allows you all the flexibility of a rental

  • Should Piano Not Work Out For You, You May Return The Piano to Us.