Yamaha has manufactured player pianos since the mid 1980s. They are offered in upright and grand piano designs and provide great entertainment for any home. Enjoy the world’s great pianists playing in your living room the greatest songs of all times.

Here are the most popular models:

Yamaha Disklavier System is offered in several models with varying levels of electronics/software available. Thus, you purchase the piano with the system already installed. Monthly subscriptions are made available at additional costs to access their music and radio station content. The Yamaha brighter tone combined with the quality of their solenoids can be challenging in lowering the volume level of the acoustic piano enough to provide low volume background piano music for you and your guests.

Yamaha PianoDisc Player Piano – The system offers an array of options to suite your needs.  The player system components and attachments are concealed giving your piano a clean natural appearance. This player system with its upgraded sound fidelity and the ability to control softer volume levels are favorable.

A lifetime free subscription is included to access the internet radio stations. Your piano can play 24/7 with no interruptions or commercials. Easily add this system to your Wifi system. Download your choice of music and play it instantly on your piano.

Yamaha QRS PNO3 Player Piano – All of the older paper rolls have been converted and now play in the new format with this system. Operate this system wireless from any device with the new QRS app. With a 2 or 4 year music library subscription, you can enjoy the entire library along with all new song releases at any time.