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Yamaha is one of the largest global piano manufacturers today and has built pianos since the early 1900s. They offer a complete lineup of upright acoustic pianos. Their pianos, depending on model, are final assembled either in Japan, Indonesia, or China. Many components for all of their pianos are currently made in China and shipped to their final assembly location.  Their height ranges from 43″ to 52″.


Yamaha Upright Piano Series Information


B Series – This series consists of a b1 (43″), b2 (44.5″) and b3 (48″). These models are the most affordable entry level pianos from Yamaha. Components made in China, assembled in Indonesia.


M Series – The M560 (44″) is the most affordable entry level American styled cabinet Yamaha builds.


P Series – The P22 (45″) is designed for school use with specifications required for school system bids.


U Series – This series is Yamaha’s entry level professional upright pianos. There are three models, the U1 (48″), U2 (50″) and U3 (52″). All are made with the same quality, simply the height is the difference. Current production components are made in China and then assembled in Japan.


UX Series – This series is an upgrade to the U Series. It receives more attention to detail and incorporates more quality features including the X support frame which provides for better tuning stability.


YUS Series – This series is the highest quality professional 48″ piano Yamaha manufactures. There are two models YUS1 (48″), and YUS3 (52″).


SU Series – The series consists of one model, SU7 (51″). More attention to overall details including better tonal quality for the more discerning pianists.