Touch – The touch and feel of digital pianos have dramatically improved to replicate the feel of an acoustic piano. The finest digital pianos now use real wood extended keys along with wood soundboards to add much more realism to the quality of the sound. Universities, schools, and churches are purchasing digital pianos for their classroom, practice rooms and stages.

Tone – Due to advancements in technology, the sound of digital pianos has never been more realistic to the acoustic piano.

Tonal Retention – A digital piano will retain it’s quality of sound. Acoustic pianos quality of sound changes over the years unless all the various maintenance procedures required to maintain the quality of sound are performed.

Privacy Playing – Digital pianos may be played anywhere anytime without interrupting any other activity with headphones. Many adults, especially parents with children, are not able to find the time to play until the late hours of the day.

Needs No Maintenance or Tuning – Owners of digital pianos save money over time since the digital piano needs no maintenance or tuning.

Added Features – Many features on digital pianos are not possible on an acoustic piano are readily available on digital pianos. For example, many different instrument sounds, transposing, and recording have helped pianists achieve their goals.

Easy to Transport – Digital pianos are very lightweight thus easy to move. Consumers can move their pianos reducing another cost of ownership.

Educational Value – Piano course materials are now available so it can be used along with some digital pianos to make learning more exciting and fulfilling.

Expand the Piano’s Horizons – Digital Pianos are built to connect to the modern world. Connect the digital piano to other devices by Midi, USB, Bluetooth, and others to combine all the strengths of the piano and applications on the device. Download music from the Internet, print out the sheet music, hear the song played on the piano, and interact by playing along with the song at any speed in any key signature.