PianoDisc ProRecord QuietTime

Model: PianoDisc ProRecord QuietTime
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Price: $3,690
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New PianoDisc ProRecord QuietTime

With the ProRecord QuietTime package, not only can you play silently through your headphones and use the built-in metronome, but you can turn your piano into a recording studio—playback and record MIDI, use effects such as reverb, chorus, dynamic curves, pitch, and transposition, and have access to 88 different synthesized sounds.

PianoDisc ProRecord combines the classic, enriching experience of playing a genuine acoustic piano with the best modern capabilities. Featuring an outstanding, non-contact, optical system, ProRecord allows the artist to capture, record, and reproduce any song played, or even silence the piano altogether with optional QuietTime technology.

QuietTime is an ingenious system that adds a silencer to your piano, which stops the hammers right before they hit the strings, while maintaining the touch and after-touch of your acoustic piano. It then works seamlessly with ProRecord and uses its optical technology so you can hear what you’re playing without the acoustic sound of your piano. Whether you need to practice quietly or you don’t want to disturb others, QuietTime is an invaluable addition to your piano.