Kawai Piano

Model: VPC1
MSRP: $2,899
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Price: $2,399
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New Kawai VPC1 Piano

The Kawai VPC1 is an instrument for the truly discerning music creator. It’s for someone who is not only a skilled MIDI-based musician, but also a connoisseur of great piano touch. For those who understand how the “feel” of the keyboard directly affects the outcome of a composition or performance, nothing less than the most authentic and sensitive piano touch will do. Having spent over 90 years advancing the nuanced art of the piano, Kawai knows what it takes to create a superb keyboard action. We also know what you want and need to maximize the creative process. As the embodiment of that knowledge and experience, Kawai proudly presents the VPC1… an instrument with unparalled touch that they hope will become a valued partner in the creation of transcendent musical outcomes.

VPC1 PRIMARY SPECIFICATIONS Keyboard 88 Wooden Keys, Graded Hammer with Ivory Touch Key Surfaces Action RM3 Grand II w/Let-off, Counterweights, Triple-sensor Key Detection Touch Curves Normal, Ivory, Pianoteq, Galaxy, Alicia's Keys Internal Memories 5 memories (for use with VPC Editor software) F-30 Pedal Unit Damper (progressive), Sostenuto, Soft Jacks MIDI In / Out, USB to Host, Damper/Sostenuto Pedal, DC IN (12V) Power Supply USB bus powered (1.0 W), AC adaptor powered (3.0 W) Dimensions 54 1/3" (W) x 17 3/4" (D) x 7 1/3" (H) Weight 65 lbs.

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