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by Colleen on England Piano
My Piano

I just bought a Kawai grand gx-2 from England Piano. I had shopped around at other places and did my research. It was a big decision, I'm particular, and the search for the right piano can be nerve racking. But David, the owner, was very nice and gave me the information I needed to move forward to finding my piano. He was patient, honest, very knowledgeable, experienced, and accommodated me to my level of playing. His process also afforded me the opportunity to play the piano before delivery to adjust the tone and touch of the keys to the degree I felt most comfortable playing. I was very pleased with my overall experience and I love my piano. I feel confident in continuing to work with him for future tuning and maintenance. I was surprised with how easy the delivery and the set up went as well and the guys were very professional. They even wiped down my piano, and made any final adjustments to its location in the room. I would definitely recommend England Piano. A piano is a huge investment and I finally found that piano I will enjoy for many years.

by Pete Brennan on England Piano
Great Team at England Piano!

Hi, David:

I'm having a ball with my new Kawai CP1. I learn something new every day. I find that it really helps I have had my Technics KN6000 for 20 years plus. So many functions are similar. Then again, some are different. I try to figure them out and if I can't, that's when I resort to the owner's manual!

In addition to the variety of sounds the CP1 produces, everybody is very impressed by its appearance. Alone, it's a beautiful piece of furniture.

By the way, David, you, your team, and the men who delivered the piano did a wonderful job.

Thank you for your all your help and interest.

Very best wishes,
Pete Brennan

by Daniel on England Piano
Thank you

In the day of capitalism, it is refreshing to experience a company who places their focus on making sure the customer leaves with their dream fulfilled. Such a company is England Piano.
A sincere thank you to you and your staff!!

by Pat britt on England Piano

We have been working with Carder and David England for the past month and they have been so extremely professional and helpful in reference to our Bechstein. We are so happy to have found them!! Five stars is not high enough for their rating! Thank you. Pat

by Fran Lindsley on England Piano
Piano Moving

David ... your moving service was excellent, according to my husband, Kelly! (I wasn't home) We were feeling very badly about the condition of our front entrance and maneuvering the piano through that. We just appreciate you picking up our piano. Thank you so much!

Best Fran Lindsley

by Eric Finch on England Piano
Enjoying Piano

David, to say I am enjoying the piano would be an understatement. The action and sound is so much more realistic than I thought I could get when I started looking in my price range. Thank you for having me at least try the CA series before I made a purchase.

I just played for a couple hours while my son was napping. That's something I could never do with an acoustic.

Thanks for your advice and expertise in helping to find my needs.


Eric Finch

by Len Glade on England Piano

Everything sounds great. Thanks so much for your help in choosing the right piano for my “blues” music.

Len Glade

by Chris Jacobs on England Piano
Great Sojund

You are so spot on.....I have been playing it for hours today.....Doesn't it look perfect in its new home?

You know the music holder is huge! Sure you didn't give me the up model??? I couldn't be more pleased.....

And oh the sound is so rich....the base in particular is special. You have again made me really pleased.....

How good does that music lamp look? I had it right here and it's just the right accent...

Thank you again for steering me in just the right direction......

Warmest Regards and Have a Merry Christmas.....

Chris Jacobs

by Patsy Lummus on England Piano

Thank you David for all you did for us. Steve did a great job ,too. We have enjoyed the piano so much this holiday season. We wish you and yours a blessed and happy New Year!

Patsy Lummus

by M. Christine Jacobs on England Piano
Everything went flawlessly

As you must know the piano was delivered Sunday. The transport fellows were right on time, very careful with the piano and my house as they unloaded and set it up. All went flawlessly. Before they left I made them wait, powered up the piano and could have knocked me over with a feather.....the piano played beautifully and all seemed to go perfect.

The next hour or so I listened to both legacy and new tunes with vocals.....again, all seemed to go well.

I know this has been a long and at times frustrating exercise but I am thrilled with the results and as of this writing, could not be more pleased.

Your service and teaching of me was spot on and although I was nervous that I could remember all Steve and Mark taught me....I had it nailed with startup and running. I'm out in CA now but will try purchasing and downloading music when I return and can concentrate.

Again, thank you and I will continue to write and give you updates as I learn and get proficient with my new system and piano!

You all are the BEST!!!!


M. Christine Jacobs

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