Yamaha manufactures grand pianos in many sizes ranging from a baby grand piano 4’11” length to a concert grand 9’0″ length. They build all quality grades from entry level to concert quality. Their most popular finish is polished and satin ebony. They do produce some wood finished grands.

Yamaha has many grand piano series having built grand pianos for over 100 years.


Yamaha Grand Piano Series Information


GA1 Series – This is a very limited production series and is the smallest Yamaha grand piano ever built. Very trimmed down cabinetry.


GB1 Series – This is a 4’11” entry level grand. It offers the lowest price point. It is assembled in Indonesia with mainly Chinese components. This series does not have a full sostenuto pedal which most grands have, no piano locks, and no adjustable music shelf for music/sight adjustment. Many other normal grand features are not incorporated into this series.


GP1/GH1 Series – These are 5’3″ grands built with less features at a lower price level than the G and C series.


GC Series – Two sizes in this series, the GC1 (5’3″) and a GC2 (5’8″). This series combines some of the C series features with GP/GB series features into a lower price than the C series.


C and CX Series – This series includes the C1/C1X (5’3″), C2/C2X (5’8″), C3/C3X (6’1″), C5/C5X (6’7″), C6/C6X (6’11”) and C7/C7X (7’6″) sizes. This is Yamaha’s highest quality production line grand series.


G Series – This series comes in G1 (5’3″), G2 (5’7″), G3 (6’0″), G5 (6’7″) and (G7) 7’6″ sizes and was built prior and overlapping the beginning of the C series. This series was built when engineering, component manufacturing, and assembly was all completed in Japan.


S Series – This is Yamaha’s finest series of quality. Sizes are S3 (6’1″), S5 (6’7″), and S7 (7’6″).


CF Series – Yamaha’s finest 9’0″ concert grand piano.